the best part of waking up

it may just be that it is a very rainy friday. or that i'm already feeling the symptoms of olympic-withdrawal. or my minimal sleep these days (thanks only to the olympics) are finally catching up with me. but as much as i want to write a post today, it just won't happen.
sorry folks. coffee is the only thing getting my full attention today.
i have a feeling if i weren't in love enough with coffee up until this week, i certainly will be from this point on. so much to do, so little time. busy busy busy.
although, i'm excited for some very crafty up and coming posts - mainly to do with the destruction and reconstruction of my classroom. i can already hear the coffee calling my name.
mmmmm coffeeeeeeee.
speaking of, isn't it silly how the smallest thing (like coffee) can strike up such a wonderful conversation?
happy friday all.

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