now, if you haven't noticed, the olympics have been in full swing for the last twelve or so days.
and i've been told by someone that i'm an "addict" when it comes to the olympics. who relapses every four years. (i corrected him when i told him that this may be true for the summer olympics but what about the winter olympics? i sure do love me some speed skating.)
and as the olympics wind down i find that my twitter account (which now has well over 100 tweets about the olympics) and my blog may not be sure what to do with themselves. instagram on the other hand, will be happy to go back to having real pictures instead of those i take of my tv screen.
i've got for you on this thursday, part two of awesome olympic-ness. (which was quite difficult seeing as there is so much awesome going on this past week) so here we go:

5. the final race
michael phelps. most decorated olympian of all time. 18 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze. i'm going to sincerely miss seeing your name on my screen in four years. what an amazing athlete. i'll be a phan phorever. 

4. three-peat
misty may-treanor and kerri walsh-jennings are three-peat olympic gold medalists in women's beach volleyball. 21-0 in matches, 43-1 in sets. and to top it off, they won it in an all-american game, with jennifer kessy and april ross walking away with the silver.

3. local gold
jamie gray is from my hometown. she just nearly missed gold in the '08 beijing games in both of her events. four years later and gray is golden.

2. girl power.
gabby all-around. aly floor final. aly beam final. mckayla vault final.
gabby gold. aly gold. aly bronze. mckayla silver.
the fabfive, the fierce five. girl power.

1. a true inspiration
"the blade runner". this is by far one of the most touching and inspiring stories i've heard. i cannot wait to see him race on the south african relay team. read more about oscar here.


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