iSpy some american pride pt.2

the fab five = gold medalists.
the only non-olympic related instagram these days: target notebook.
michael and his gold over lochte, three-peat!
last time on the podium.
oscar pistorius - such a brave and beautiful story.
going to miss seeing that name.
it's not every day you see someone who went to your highschool, on the today show, with her gold medal.
spending my morning coffee with my main man michael.

oh hey tuesday, how nice of you to all of a sudden show up. as you can see i've been completely and utterly involved in the day-to-day events of the olympics. and following michael phelps every move. and clearly documenting it with my iPhone. (really, it's embarrassing how many pictures are on my phone right now. or how many tweets i've been tweeting. i could be a correspondent for the today show or something. move over shawn johnson.)
in other news i've been a busy bee, running here and there, and attempting to begin getting my classroom ready for the beginning of the school year. quite a task to take on as a long-term substitute getting her very own classroom. if this were an olympic event i would be in the qualifying round, well on my way to the semi-finals. we will see if this leaves me in medal contention come next week.
(like that little olympic reference?)


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  1. Go USA!!!

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