a drop in the bucket

seeing as the summer is now over (labor day has come and gone and school has begun), i believe it is time to take a gander at that summer bucket list and see what sort of damage i made.

1. read 10 books.
the last song/ safe haven/ the yada yada prayer group book 1/ water for elephants/ the hunger games/ catching fire/ mockingjay/ winter garden/ michael phelps. no limits: the will to succeed/ yada yada prayer group book 2 (the last is "in progress", i'm counting it as #10)

3. take a spontaneous day trip - location to be determined.
#1 - to rehobeth beach (while on vacation down the shore)
#2 - weekend get away to raystown lake - thank you boyfriend and his family.

4. go on a wine tasting.
brewery tour and wine tasting tour? with roomie? check this one of my list big time.

5. go see a broadway show! (on broadway or a touring production)
mamma mia! 

7. finally see the hunger games. now that i have finished the trilogy i'm ready to view the first installment via big screen (or small screen). even better yet, do this with my sister and have a good old fashioned girls night with her.
squeaked this one in, just in the nick of time! and i managed to do so with the big sister. bonus points for that!

8. all those diy projects i pin and am inspired by - do one!
expect a post about this in days (or weeks) to come! i surprised myself and did at least two, so double check right there.

you wanted pictures? me too. but someone sorta stinks at photographing things...
now if you are keeping count, or clicked on that link up there, you will know that i managed to check off all but two things on my summer bucket list. and even though the last month was a hodge-podge of throwing together my classroom and getting ready for school, i still managed to squeak in the final things i wanted to do! who knows, maybe next summer i'll be able to knock them all out of the park.  but as for now, i've got myself a "someday" list that boyfriend and i are working on...maybe someday i'll share.

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