iSpy with my little eye, the typical tuesday instagram post.
with some little lovelies that give you a glimpse (just barely) of my life as of late.
hot pants, so wha?
planning, planning, planning, oh yeah and eating dinner.
finally - pumpkin spice latte numero uno of the season. (and a wonderful breakfast and catch up with my roomie)
royal blue pants and citrus colored cardigans.
open fields, wine, and friends.
my favorite way to spend a sunday afternoon, with my favorite man.
i do believe this about sums it up as of late. my life is consumed by my job - as it should be for every first year teacher. and might i add, i am loving every second of it. so of course some hot pants are in order to make it through the day. (can't forget about keeping it stylin')
and this past weekend consisted of a whole lot of seeing long lost friends who i've seriously missed for months now. every girl deserves to have late breakfasts with their favorite coffee and roommate and early fall evenings in a beautiful atmosphere.
and a man like mine. boy does he ever knock my socks off. (no pun intended if you take in to account the picture). sunday's with him...every girl should be able to have sunday's like i do with him.

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