let me clear my throat

remember that song way back when?
i'm pretty sure that they first time i heard that song it was in save the last dance and i could not have been more obsessed with that movie. so clearly i became all gangsta yo and it was my favorite jam.
or not.
but still. just to clarify the title.

i know my blog is not a big one (my sister's blog is totally growing by leaps and bounds! i'm so proud of her) but all 15 of you little followers i apologize for my lack of posts and seemingly lack of interest in this little blog, but before you get up and walk and and withdraw the follow-hood of my blog, let me make you a promise:
i promise to pay a little more attention to this little bloggy of mine. i promise to write a post at least three times a week (lofty, seeing as my habits as of late). and i promise to get back to the basics of why i love blogging.
i know you might have heard this before. but it is a brand new month (holy september?!) and i'm sticking to it this time. this may be more of a promise to myself, but hey readers! you're pretty dang important to this blog, so it's a promise to you as well.

promises. if my boyfriend could only see me now, making them left and right, he would about have a heart-attack. but that is a conversation for another post...

in other news! the very first week of first grade was absolutely PHENOM!
who wouldn't love running around and teaching twenty-four 6 year olds?
no? then i guess it might just be me. but it is the best darn job there is out there (again - might just be me).
i can't wait to see what the rest of this year brings for me and my kiddos in room 1-2.
of course, the post would not be complete without a few pictures of my room:
 calendar area. 
 reupholstered desk chair with some good'ol fashion packing tape.
 word wall, minus the words.
our writing bulletin board. are you using your "writer's eye?"

but for now, lost voice and all, i'm going to enjoy some family time this weekend.


  1. you seriously have got to be the cutest teacher around! what a fun class.



    1. awe why thank you so much! and this is just the beginning, i'm sure i'll be updating as the year goes on :)