juggling act

best friend love.
double duty, getting work done.
sweet pictures of baby niece are the perfect thing to wake up to.
best friend and a little girl time.
good luck wishes for the first day of school.

thanks to my big sissy for writing such a wonderful fall insprired post last week!
(she is really moving and shaking in this blogging world and now is even considering an etsy shop!
mind-blowing. i'm so proud.)
i can't believe that september is right around the corner. or that the first day of school was yesterday! craziness! but more about that on a day that i'm not scarfing down my cereal and drinking my morning cup of coffee by travel mug (such an appealing picture, no?).

needless to say i've been neglectful. but for such wonderful reasons, i promise.
and i'm meaning this in every which way of life, minus school.
sometimes i need to remind myself that this bloggie isn't my full-time job and just a little (HUGE) part of me that i need to somehow fit in to my day to day life.
it's all about juggling right?

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  1. yay!! you're back :) i love those pics. what what i love even more is seeing you in a few days!