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i cannot believe that october is almost over. birthdays, both mine and my sweet little niece (a very happy first year of life to her) have come and gone. fall slowly decided to make her presence: leaves changing, pumpkin-flavored-everything took over foods and drinks alike, and weekend mornings spent drinking coffee and eating muffins with boyfriend became somewhat of a tradition. 
leggings, boots, and scarves have been brushing off the cobwebs and make such wonderful appearances on a daily basis. layering is back and better then ever.
and school - the first marking period is over! my mind is boggled at how fast time is flying by.
i cannot believe that october is over.
which means that - in my mind - the most wonderful time of year is approaching. i said i would hold off on christmas music until november 1st and i have held up my end of the bargain (except for that brief lapse of time during a very long drive to new york, and by all rights, it was boyfriend's idea). if life could get more hectic it is about to, and i simply cannot wait.

to all of those in new york, new jersey, and other areas greatly impacted by hurricane sandy, my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

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