wait, you write a blog?

i know what you're thinking. you actually still write on this thing? i was thinking the same thing as i was driving like a crazy woman in the early rains of the Frankinstorm this morning, anticipating a day of no school, two actually, and all of the work that would be getting done. one cookie and one report card at a time here people. and then i thought, holy cow, i can write on my blog. which was a huge realization, seeing as all i do lately is eat. sleep. teach. repeat. which i have no problem with. and then i started thinking of all of those wonderful blog ideas i had stocked up in my brain for the past few weeks. and was like. WOW. i could write blog posts for days. which might really happen. oh the glory of scheduling a blog post.

but that isn't why we are here. you thought it was? yeah, me too. until my procrastinating kicked in after about 5 cookies and 4 cups of coffee. (with heavenly pumpkin spice creamer of course, muy thanks to boyfriend's momma).
we are here because of the pin i found while my brain was on a mini-vacay from marathon report-carding.

this post is to you, boyfriend.
i could probably write a whole weeks worth of blog posts about you. and that whole "walking me down the isle" the first time we met. and how un-romantically romantic you can be. like when you make me tea and bring me pumpkin spice ice cream when i'm sick. and how you tell me to spend an entire day not doing work because i'll feel better (when really we just curl up on the couch and watch tv instead). or when you do silly things like chase me down the hall and throw me over your shoulder. or sing obnoxiously in the car with me. or pick and poke. and when you take me to church and bring me closer to my faith in ways i never knew i needed. and when you hold my hand, how un-romantically romantic are you? because quite frankly you swept this girl off her feet.
because what more could a girl need, really?

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