white shirt wasted

1. when you make a blog post title and realize that 95% of readers will probably look at it and ultimately think it states "white girl wasted". and it doesn't. just a nice simple pun to go along with the day i have had.
1.5. awkwardly realizing that the "95% of readers" is, in all actuality, very few, seeing as my total ranks in at 18. hey, a girl can dream like she's made it big here.
2. the day i have had. awkward at it's finest. because apparently it is national drop everything all over all the white articles of clothing you are wearing that day. for example: white coat, meet coffee. white shirt, meet soup. white socks, meet water.
i digress.
3. when you just can't seem to figure out what on earth someone is saying so you just keep nodding your head. and then you get caught.
4. having to ask the question, "but how did you know that there was poop in the locked bathroom stall?"

1. finally getting to see all my college girlfriends, all in one place, for one amazing weekend. 

2. my niece finally learning how to use those little legs of her to book it around in the big world now! and just in time for her birthday too. don't you worry little S, auntie em has a post dedicated to you and your first birthday party up her sleeve...just gimme a little more time :)
3. autumn really getting her stuff together and coming at me full swing this week. fifty degree temperatures, i welcome you with open and loving arms.
4. text messages that start off my day in all sorts of a happy kind of way. 
5. pumpkin. spice. everything.

by the way, is there anything more awesome than this? Bre from oh, pish posh has got diy down like nobody else.

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