1. When you are on the phone with a friend who happens to lose service and you talk and talk and go on for about ten minutes until your phone begins to ring and you realize that, "ohhhhh, yeahhhhh, I wasn't just talking on the phone to no one for the last ten minutes or anything..."
2. When you're sitting awkwardly alone watching boyfriend play hockey and this awkward janitor man comes up to you and starts asking you all these questions about what Joe-Shmo said to you last week when an awkwardly disgusted woman is yelling at you for some reason that is unknown to you because..well..you aren't who he thinks you are.  And then you have to tell him that he has you mistaken with someone else and you are sorry but you don't know what Joe-Shmo said to said girl that he thought you were.  Awkward Janitor man apologizes awkwardly and then continues to talk for about five more minutes about how he awkwardly had mistaken you for someone else. Awkward
3. How if you hear a word too many times it begins to not sound right and you begin to question if you are even spelling it correctly anymore.  Hint, this is how I feel about the previous "awkward" statement.
4. Hearing the conversation of 2 teenage girls in the dressing room about how "my butt looks sooooo fat in this dress" and her friend responding by saying "I don't think that it exactly..umm..flatters you...in...umm..the right way...." and the debate continues for about five more minutes until the conversation goes on in to other awkward topics that I'd rather not discuss...and should not be discussed in a public dressing room..

1.  Fat Tuesday.  Besides all of the religious connections (Ash Wednesday the next day and the significance of the beginning of Lent) I really have always enjoyed the part of Fat Tuesday that connects directly to that little picture right up there ^.  Fasnachts.  Not only are they awesome for the pure sake of their neat-o name but their hot, warm, salivating deliciousness is the definition of awesome.  And come on, they are awesome for days to follow.
2.  My sister.  Yes she is awesome for so many reasons besides just being my sister, and one of those reasons being this little blog right over here! Big seester decided to start her very own blog and I think it would be awesome for you to head on over and check her out!
2 1/2. My sweet baby niece getting not only her first, but her SECOND! tooth.  And all of her cute little giggles.  And all of the sweet little pictures that my sister sends me, and well the fact that she is such a tiny little bundle of joy that her cuteness (and awesomeness) could only be appropriately posted if she was numbered as a "1/2" because her little baby goodness is just seemes to be represented best as "1/2".  (Awkwardly probably only making sense to me making this a toss up between awkward and awesome)
3.  Gingerbread latte creamer. Mmm Mmm good.
4.  How many times I used "awkward" in one awkward post.  And really, it did no justice what-so-ever to how awkward the situation really was.

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