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Fear -- even the word gives me the heebie jeebies.  It is debilitating, stomach turning, and that eery hooded figure that is lurking in the dark (only to be seen as what it really is, a clothes tree, once the light is turned on).  On the other hand, fear can be quite a beautiful thing.  The way I look at it, fear is only evident when there is something to be lost, pain to be felt, a question in your mind that after the object of one's fear is over and done with, things may not be the same.  So yes, on many a day I have met fear, and I am saying this for the record books:

From this point on, I shall greet fear as a friend, and retire with him in to a beautiful romance, for all that there is to fear in life, is fear itself. (And I'd rather just give him a big'ol smack-a-roo).

*A little side note:  If you ever type in "fear" in Google images, cover your eyes, unless you like the sort of eery pictures that tend to haunt me late in to the night.  This was the best I could do, minus posting a picture of someone with blood streaming from their eyeballs...or myself screaming my head off.

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