So, I must admit that I'm a faithful reader of blogs (which I guess could either fall in one or the other, or even both, of the categories we will soon discuss below), and this little blog over here is one of the main reasons.  I must insist that you head on over and check out Sydney's blog because she is phe-nom-i-nal!

This being said, I introduce you to a little thing that Sydney calls "Awkward and Awesome Thursdays" (I know, so fun, right?)  And that is why that little button is over there -->

Every Thursday she posts some awkward and awesome moments and I decided that I would give it a whirl, although, it will take quite sometime for my awkward and awesome-ness to be as amazing as hers, so again, check her out!

Here we go!

1. The fact that I completely get beside myself over the fact that Disney movies are on tv for me to watch (i.e. The Lion King which was on last night and Tangled which is currently on my tv screen) and that I sing along to every song I know *picture me belting out Can You Feel the Love Tonight.
2. When I go out to the end of the driveway to bring in the carbage cans, in the pouring rain, in my rainboots...and pajamas.
3.  When I realize that the sixth graders in the class I am substituting in are bigger then me, like really bigger than me, like I look like a first grader next to them...and they notice it too.
4.  Posting a fourth "awkward" because I hate odd numbers...you've been warned.

1.  Rainy days!  Because sometimes nothing beats being curled up on the couch, watching movies and drinking hot tea out of a Christmas mug.  (The Christmas mug may be awkward, but I'm going with awesome)
2.  Peanut butter toast.  Seriously, melted peanut butter is the epitome of awesomeness.
3.  Hanging out with 20-some kindergarteners for a whole entire day as their substitute teacher.  There is nothing more amazing then the things they are capable of learning (and saying).
4.  Cable knit sweaters with elblow patches, currently my obession and the most comfortable for dreary days and brunch dates with girlfriends.


  1. I love The Daybook as well. Welcome to blogging. It's so much fun. :)

  2. I too am obsessed with melted peanut butter and sweaters with elbow patches. And Disney movies. And rainy days....this is why we get along so well, isn't it?