i was reunited with my best friend and all i got was this t-shirt

i didn't get a t-shirt.
but when i was little i always adored the t-shirts that said stuff like "my parents went to hawaii and all i got was this t-shirt" or "somebody in idaho loves me". i'm not sure why, but i just wanted one with all my little 10-year-old heart.
anywho..to begin a girls night we had to have an outfit:
blouse h&m (similar here & here); jeans elle from kohl's (for $10 here); sandals (last seen here); sunnies h&m; ring francesca's; ID bracelet (old)
and then we had to have ourselves a dinner complete with ordering three types of appetizers to share between the two of us, martinis & mohitos (because we are legal babes and all) and had ourselves a whole lot of fun catching each other up on the ins and outs of our lives. lets face it, when we do this over the phone (and e-mail, and text messages) it just isn't the same as her sitting right there with me.
all day long i sat around like a child on christmas eve just waiting and anticipating the moment that would mean christmas has arrived. you know the feeling of being filled to the tips of your fingers and toes with happiness and joy and warm fuzzies.

which got me thinking of all of the wonderful things we will do over these next few weeks while she is home. which led me to think back on all of the hours and hours i spent with her day in and night out at our little dance studio where we first became friends and how i would give anything in this world to be 12 and with her every day of my life. the girl is practically my sister. she knows me better then i know myself. it makes me believe sometimes that maybe we have two soulmates, the male version and the female version. this girl would be it. i'd die without her. (no joke).

so as i drove home and contemplated this post right down to the very last point of how i didn't know how i could make it anything short of a novel, i thought back to everything that a friendship means to one's soul. one's being. how there are so many people that walk in and out of our lives so freely that it takes you a few minutes to even realize that they may be gone. how at each point of my life i can point out people that were there and people that were gone the next but how heavy of an impact they may have left behind. and i realized that amongst all of those faces, some i can still see and some that have gotten blurred over the years, she is the one friend i have had that has stood the test of time and now distance. she is a friend that i have had throughout each milestone in my life. and i love her, and its as simple as that.

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  1. Are you trying to make me cry? Seriously woman!? First off, still in love with the outfit. And how is it that we did not document our evening with photos? That must change next time. And there will be a next time, because I want to spend as much time with my sister from another mister as possible. I LOVE YOU <3